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Unlimited $79
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Unlimited Data
Max Download Speed
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No Contract
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No termination fee
BYO modem
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Vodafone offers just one ADSL/VDSL broadband plan. The plan comes with unlimited data. Their plans feature maximum download and upload speeds. Meaning your internet speed will depend on several factors. These include your distance from the exchange, the condition of your copper wiring, noise on the copper line and line attenuation.

BYO modem or get a new modem from Vodafone for $4 per month (12 month contract applies).


7 reviews for Vodafone ADSL

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  1. Dale

    I changed form slingshot to vodafone about 18mths ago and have bundled my cell, home phone, broadband, and sky with them there customer service in my experience has been top shelf with any issues that i had resolved quickly my broadband speed is good about 16mbps on avg and about 1.4up on avg no buffering on youtube etc free upgrade to mySky you get 1 bill at the start of the month and the rest of that month to pay it I’ve had my data allowance upgraded several times @ no cost to me. all in all pretty good probably not the cheapest company out there but wouldn’t be far off.

    - CONS: Probably not the cheapest company out there.
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  2. Gareth

    Vodafone’s broadband is OK. Their TV service and customer services is really poor though.

    + PROS: Fairly priced
    - CONS: Not great customer service
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  3. Brad

    We had a door-to-door salesman that heartily assured us we’d be connected ‘within 3 days’. 10 days later and nothing, I revoked the contract and they sent me a free modem. Phone support was good, too bad their tech dept didn’t live up to it.

    + PROS: Phone support was good.
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  4. rouge fithp

    I have had enough of vodafone and will drop them tomorrow or as soon as I can sign with a new provider. The support tech I almost shouted at had the cheek to tell me that restricting my speed was a feature of my contract that had always been there. I apologized to him but I will drop dead rather than pay any more money to vodafone for the service I get from them. Slowing me to 64kbs because I had downloaded more than 2 gig of data in one day. Then telling me it was a feature of the account. Then telling me it had always been a feature. When I’m looking at my broadband record sheet showing it didn’t happen to me in September, October, November, or December. Turns out the notice they sent was so full of happy crap advertising that I electronic binned it without reading the fine print back in September. Then the phone support guy tells me I can fix this problem by moving my home phone to Vodafone. Grit my teeth, mental image of the phone support guy having a bad experience and the politest decline I can come up with at the moment.

    - CONS: The support tech I almost shouted at had the cheek to tell me that restricting my speed was a feature of my contract that had always been there.
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  5. Sandra

    Also got sold Vodafone service by salesman coming to door pushing My Sky free. Spent an hour asking questions and signing up – but needed account which was at work so salesman came back next night. All sorted, until 10 days later I get a call from Vodafone to say we weren’t in the red zone so we would be charged $10 more per month than what the contract said. I said no I wasn’t happy with that; what places are the red zones? Was told they just put our address into the computer and it tells us whether in the red zone. All streets around us are, but not ours. Perhaps the salesman should have done that homework first. Had I signed the contract and 10 days later called to say I wanted to pay $10 less they wouldn’t have accepted that and would have charged a disconnection fee. But it was ok for them. Glad now after reading reviews that I told them where to go! If not getting any answers, I find a good thing to do is send a letter and copy it to ALL directors (find names and home addresses on Companies Office website).

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  6. James

    Got sold the Vodafone service by a traveling salesman. He was a reasonably affable guy and really pushed the MySky special and the cool, “Top of the line” wifi modem that I would be getting that let me connect a printer to wireless and the like. Then the router-modem turned up and the pain and countless hours of my time that I’ll never get back began. My current setup of an ADSL2+ Dynalink modem and Belkin Pre-N router is connected to a central line filter (it’s been in for the last 12 months) that we had installed because of a monitored alarm. The Vodafone/Huawei router-modem is terrible. The first one came pre-configured with a number of incorrect settings. So I spent over 2 hours changing all of the incorrectly setup settings and also attempting to diagnose the issue. End result the router gets sent back. The new one turns up, all of the incorrect settings have to be reset again and we begin ‘Groundhog Day’ again. Constant questions on ‘is this a cheap router-modem’ were deflected. At this point I begin to ask how I can get all my accounts changed back to my old providers. Part of the service I bought is not being provided. At this point I got put on hold for the 5th time and after a further 5 minutes I gave up. The most frustrated I have ever been with badly provided technology service. And that is where I am at. What to do. I’m running on my old kit and really cant be arsed going through all the pain of trying to change everything back. But isnt that just awarding them for this cr*p? Will they ring me back?

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  7. Max

    Unreliable, entire Vodafone service crashes at least twice a month leaving the user with no internet access or internet access with a ping of 1000+ to a local server. Support is next to pathetic and logged complaints never get resolved. I will repeat that this service is EXTREMELY unreliable. I see no reason to remain or even start being a customer with Vodafone as all other ISPs in New Zealand can provide the coverage and service that Vodafone provide, and provide it better.

    - CONS: Vodafone service crashes at least twice a month.
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