Slingshot ADSL

We found 2 plans for Slingshot ADSL VDSL.
150GB $74.95*
per month
150GB Data
Max Download Speed
Max Upload Speed
6 Month Term*
No Install Fee
$250 early termination fee
Free Modem
Unlimited $89.95*
per month
Unlimited Data
Max Download Speed
Max Upload Speed
6 Month Term*
No Install Fee
$250 early termination fee
Free Modem
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Slingshot ADSL VDSL is rated #5 in category ADSL Providers
(11 customer reviews)
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Slingshot offers two ADSL/VDSL broadband plans. Both plans feature maximum download and upload speeds. Meaning your internet speed will depend on several factors. These include your distance from the exchange, the condition of your copper wiring, noise on the copper line and line attenuation.

While Slingshot does offer an unlimited data plan, their cheaper plan for $74.95 per month has a data cap of 150GB. This in today’s world, would be enough data for say 2 to 3 people, but if you have a growing family or lots of flat mates that like to watch Netflix, your data would run out sooner than later. This capped data plan comes with a feature that automatically buys additional  data when you run out. The cost for this extra data is $5 for 5GB.

Our verdict is to with the Unlimited plan. Or if you can, get fibre. It’s faster and cheaper. Note: there is a 6 month contract when you register with Slingshot’s ADSL/VDSL broadband. And a $250 early termination fee applies.

Slingshot does give new customers a router to use for the length of their plan. It will cost you $14.95 in postage. All Slingshot routers are rented and must be returned should you cancel your service. If it is not returned, you will be charged $100 to recover the cost of the device.

11 reviews for Slingshot ADSL

1.7 out of 5
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  1. Victor

    For 1 month I am trying to change my ADSL to fiber. Days of emails with general answers like bla bla bla now you will talk to another guy… as a result already1 week without any respond to my issue! After so many years with Flipp and now with slingshot… I never thought they are so bad!

    - CONS: Internet is VERY slow
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  2. Jane

    I am having the same problem. Very Slow internet

    Since Slingshot took over Flip the internet is so SLOW. No response to email correspondence asking for help. My option is to change provider. Am considering swapping to 5G wifi.

    + PROS: None
    - CONS: The Internet has slowed down - perhaps a ploy to get one to change to fibre!
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  3. Tony

    I didn’t have any issue with Slingshot until I purches a TVPAD which works very similar to Apple TV. I couldn’t work out why during the evening, it just won’t work and the speed just drop for the TV PAD. In turns out sling shot has thing caled traffic Sharping. Which meant they control your internet speed if there is a high volume of traffice. Why have board band internet if you can’t even watch streaming video?

    + PROS: - Internet speed is good - Roll over is real good idea
    - CONS: Never metnions Traffic shaping when you sign up.
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  4. S

    Avoid Slingsh*t as much as you possibly can!!

    - CONS: Customer service is the worst I have ever experienced, their billing system is horrendous, connection speed may aswell be dial-up.
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  5. Robert

    Well I got sucked into their Better Network $72 plan, what can i say its tempting, but for the love of god, DON’T take it, its cheap for a reason, they use very cheap equipment, don’t take it from me, ask Chorus technicians, Slingshot seem to have the most problems with connection issues phoneline and broadband according to that technician i talked too, It took 8 days to get connected that’s fine, they said up to 10 working days, Phone worked, yet sounded bad, like echo, noisy. Internet didn’t work at all, Tech agent said oh its your filters, i said can’t be buddy, their from you guys.

    Finally had a fault logged by someone who actually understood my frustration, tech came out and fixed, YEA internet finally. Plus it was quick, I asked about my phone, tech said oh your on their network, they use something sip like voip its rubbish that’s what he said.

    I said oh well that’s why its cheap, then oh no the problems, bill issues, somehow their “billing system” chucks in extra charges, they credited them, but i ask is it common, they said yes.

    Then 2 weeks later, no internet, dsl kept flashing, and when that’s flashing its an issue. I plugged in my old Telecom modem and it worked? huh i was like what happen here, so i tried the slingshot modem and wouldn’t work, i rang and they organised a replacement, and wow 2 days later there it was with a courier bag for the faulty. I was very happy with that.From what i can remember i think i dealt with the same guy that logged my fault, he had a unique name which i can’t remember. He was very calm, I’m not sexist but the female tech agents at slingshot are very bossy and rude.

    However unsure why that modem all of a sudden failed, anyway new modem, new start, then the internet started getting slower, i know how to do speed tests, initially it was a 15mb line connection suddenly its 8mb then 5mb, got to 3mb, and the same excuse do this do that. Even changing modems didn’t help. They kept saying the line rate was good, and logging a fault would cost, so i took their word.

    After a few days, it was back to normal this time clocking at 17mb line rate, i was amazed telecom vodafone telstraclear never gave more than 14, here was a 17mb line rate.

    2 Months later, got texts tried from friend’s who tried to call land line,and stated has engaged tone, picked up the phone and it was engaged, and internet was down, even trying the 2nd modem didn’t help, no dsl at all, Called slingshot (seriously i called Slingshot far more times in 2 months then Telecom in 2 years) and told, sorry but you missed a overdue amount and finance has disconnected you, I was shocked, surely i never missed a payment, my credit was loaded on their system.

    I spoke with the finance person, who probably was the worst person in customer service history, Dawn she refused to give her last name, she was so… well, i kept asking my self how did she get hired. She threaten me several times, talking about debt collections, said texts were sent emails, i said look i haven’t received anything and the credit card should be loaded,

    Anyway remember the credit they gave me, turns out that takes place next billing cycle, the customer service rep nicky told me don’t worry this is how much you need to pay. angry dawn told me my email, which was my xtra email and a cellphone number i don’t use. i said what’s the owing they said $21, Seriously Slingshot you disconnect a customer for not paying $21. Plus its not a valid charge, you overcharged me, she said my credit card was loaded it didn’t take effect, i dunno they kept making excuses, On top i was told to pay $199 early termination fee then $50 reconnection. I was amazed again.

    I paid the $21 then she said i will transfer you to customer service, then again i waited. i know people make up numbers like i have to wait 30 minutes or 1 hour, but in this case i timed Slingshot, I was with them for at 32 minutes..

    I said to the operator, i don’t wanna be with you guys.she mumbled not another one or something on those lines, meaning i wasn’t the first for that day, i spoke with a nice guy called Chris in resolutions, he wiped the Early termination, offer some winback, but i said no mate, I’m done with slingshot.

    Had a Christmas Bbq with the mates, at least 50-70 of us, and ISP’s were the topic, everyone agree Slingshot is rubbish, now with Snap based on the reviews and some of the mates saying its good,, and wow they are great.

    Its hard to rate, Tech support one guy was fantastic,they rest were very poor, finance extremely poor, resolutions were good,connection speed some times very quick, sometimes very slow. Value, well i dunno.

    + PROS: I had internet.
    - CONS: They took the internet without telling me, and a whole more.
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  6. Garth

    Review on behalf of my 70 year old Father,Signed up for mobile, and discovered how shocking the service is, first of all they wholesale from telecom, so their rates are far more expensive, They don’t do any type of support, send a useless manual. Tell you to go and seek help from Telecom, If they can’t provide proper service why do it in the first place.

    Technical help tried their best, i can tell their not trained at all on this subject.

    Don’t ever ever ever join slingshot mobile, they send you a 99 dollar phone, for FREE but its locked on a 12 month contract with an early termination of $149..

    They enable the data packet from there so without notice it charges 50 cents per megabyte.

    Father wanted to send a pxt message, told to enable data roaming at all times, incurred huge costs.

    Went to a Telecom store and they laughed, he was paying such a high amount when he could have been on prepaid and spent a quarter, Don’t even go to them for mobiles, they are the most expensive, and for the amount they provide zero help.

    Paid the early termination and Father with 2 degrees mobile, much better.

    Slingshot is trying to be a jack of all trades, but clearly its a master of none.

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  7. Ben Ruffell

    $72 a month is Hillcrest, Hamilton. Max speed experienced was 11.3 Mb/s download and 1 Mb/s upload
    20 GB per month and unused data rolls over to the next month. 200 GB to use for our first 12 Months.

    I highly recommend Slingshot for your ISP. Great speed, great service and great plans. I used my own modem so I saved $15 postage!

    + PROS: It 7 days to get our line connected. I little slower than I might have thought.
    - CONS: Great speed of connection! As fast as our line will go. Data roll-over! Cheap price! 200gb free for use over a whole year! Fast and friendly service when I phone about when my connection would happen.
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  8. Tony

    I was just looking comparing prices etc rang up had a talk about it said no cause I liked another company better (FLIP), nek minit im getting emails and txts saying that its going through nice and I will be switched over in a couple of days, called asked them to stop, got another conformation email, and the service on the phone what a joke spent over 30 mins trying to sort it out, just got to wait and see if it has bin now, good old dodgy sales people who earn commissions ripping the system again

    + PROS: They sent me a modem which they prob ain't getting back, apart from that ZERO
    - CONS: everything I had anything to do with
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  9. Sue

    Customer service is non existent. Cannot get sense from anyone – and difficult to get someone you could understand!! I changed from a windows laptop to a macbook and not ONE person in the 6 phone calls I made could tell me how to set up the smpt mail so that their server would “talk” to my mac! So frustrating to have internet and not be able to connect. They told me it was a firewall on the macbook .. took it to the mac pros and no such thing was happening. They just didn’t know what to do. Then when they cancelled my contract after a heated debate, they charged me for an additional MONTH connection even though I cancelled early enough. THEY chose when to close the connection and funny enough it was after the next month rolled around.

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  10. Karen Batchelor

    Sooooo wish I’d seen the many negative reviews before I made the mistake of dealing with Slingshot. After nearly a month I still didn’t have my new service set up with them. Then – before I got any service – they tried to bump their fees by $10/mth. Now that I’ve told them to shove it – still no service – they’re trying to pursue me for termination fees. As if all of that isn’t upsetting enough they LAUGH at you when you get angry. Yes, they LAUGH. When I told them I would spread the word with a vengeance they accused me of BLACKMAIL!!! These people are criminals. What a shame NZ has so little respect for it’s citizens that people like these are able to do this sort of thing with impunity. I hear that I can expect the debt collectors next and they will trash my credit rating. It’s disgraceful.

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  11. john

    Been with slingshot for more than a decade but their new privacy policy means you give them consent to take and sell your data.You are no longer their customer you are now their product.

    - CONS: Data thieves
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